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PhasmaGORE's News

Posted by PhasmaGORE - March 8th, 2022

I wanted to make a quick news post for the homies that are anticipating the release of the next episode. To be fully transparent, the groundwork is done for the episode but no animation has even been keyframed. I have not lost interest in making episodes, in fact I have been working on Corvid Kid non stop in the background.

There is a lot of work being put into Corvid Kid that is not episode development, rather a lot of story work that I have been taking very seriously. I have also been putting work into a few short Corvid Kid comics that I have been making instead of a full on episode as it can be more easily allotted into my schedule in-between all the school shit I have to balance. I am having fun doing little comic shorts as they take less time to make and will be released sometime this month.

School is a big drain on my energy and it takes a lot out of me, making it hard for me to want to animate considering I do a lot of it. I'm making a lot of excuses, I know. However, trust that there is a lot of work being put into Corvid Kid that goes unseen, so bear with me here!


Posted by PhasmaGORE - November 11th, 2021

We hit the 200 follower milestone already?! Well shit, might as well put some news out.

Lately I've been getting a real itch to make more Corvid Kid episodes, of which, have to be put on hold for the sake of college and other such responsibilities at home. As an announcement posts of sorts, I wanted to officially declare that the next episode of Corvid Kid is in the early stages of production.

Initially I didn't have confidence in people liking my own rugged little series. I never would have guessed that Samson's debut would also become my own.

Samson is a character I have been holding onto for years, I still remember sitting in chemistry class roughly 4-6 years ago with that very first initial thought of the character. Over the course of those years I had grown up alongside the character of Samson. He started out much different than what he ended up being, but nonetheless I am more than happy with what I have started. Equally, I am more than happy to share him with you guys.

I never knew just what would become of myself when this year started, but after the Summer Fest, I found just what it is that I wanted to do. At the end of the day, I want to write stories to satisfy myself and to entertain others while building friendships along the way. It’s a desire that I did not think possible, until I joined Newgrounds and found the right people.

And it is those people I want to thank dearly from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I find it hard to speak my feelings of gratitude, so let me take this opportunity to do so for you guys (and you know who you are). Thank you so much to the people who have made me laugh and played games with me. Especially to those peeps who have helped make Corvid Kid and to the people who will help me the future.


Posted by PhasmaGORE - August 3rd, 2021

Thank you, YOU SICK FUCKS, for 100 follows >:)

For reals, you guys are all awesome, and you know who you are! I look forward to making some cool shit with all you homies out there. You guys have helped me grow out of my shell and have given me the opportunity to share my characters and ideas with the world, and I would love to return the favor to all of ya.

So what I'm trying to say is, LETS COLLAB ON SOME STUPID SHIT SOMETIME!!



Posted by PhasmaGORE - July 15th, 2021

Art is a job

it can be a hobby

or a chore

to some, a bore

But not me

Art is a wonder

life's biggest delight

something to adore

but it has no form

From paintings galore

to an abundance of words

to the art of sound

art exists abound